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Pastry Bags

Pastry Bags

Pastry bags for perfect cakes

Simply let your cake decorating dreams come true! Pastry bags will help you to get the best results! Read more >>


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories explains the basics – filling piping bags made easy

To fill a piping bag properly and simply isn't witchcraft – not only professionals, but also ambitious amateur cooks and bakers are able to learn it quite simply. Kitchen Stories, “the App that will make the kitchen your favorite place again”, shows how it’s done. Recipes are presented descriptively and in an appetite whetting way. Cooking tricks and important handles are explained in a way that you can reproduce them easily. In the tutorial-video “How to fill a piping bag” a professional shows you how to fill a piping bag in a correctly, so that you’ll be able to decorate hassle-free. Want to give it a try? You can find piping bags and much more right here in our online shop Backmann24!

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Pastry bags for baking

Baking is full of creativity and dexterity. Whether you are a professional baker or a passionate amateur, you can create cakes exactly to your liking. Add layers of sponge cake and cream, meringue or ganache. Decorate it with icing in any way you can imagine. But please note – baking is also craftsmanship. The devil is in the details. Only smooth lines and proper shapes will let your skills shine. Therefore you need your expertise and the best tools. Pastry bags are a basic utensil that should be part of every equipment. Pastry bags will help you to place delicious and delicate rosettes of whipped cream or fine-lined patterns of chocolate, simply to give your cake a unique look. Put a cherry on top and you’ll have the perfect icing on the cake.

Decorating cakes with ease

Pastry bags give you full control over your ideas. Whether you want to fill pastries or decorate cakes, pastry bags will help you create stunning delicacies that will amaze your guests. With their phenomenal flexibility, pastry bags are very easy to use. Take a piping tip in your favorite shape, put it into the pastry bag and then fill the bag with the tasty filling. By gently and steadily pressing the bag the filling pours out in exactly the right way.

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Pastry bags for savory dishes

But pastry bags are not only for cakes, puff pastries or icing. You can use them for savory dishes as well. You can fill marvelously delicious deviled eggs with them or create beautiful pommes duchesse. Whenever you want to give your meals an additional touch, pastry bags will be the right choice. They are very versatile utensils for both baking and cooking. They are a fantastic addition to your kitchen equipment. We offer both, reusable pastry bags and disposable pastry bags. You can also find a wide range of pastry bag sets, a large choice of different piping tips and suitable accessories here in our onlineshop. Supporting stands for pastry bags, for example, are a useful tool for a clean stopover during your work.

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