Bag opener (for plastic pastry bags) Bag opener (for plastic pastry bags) Bag opener (for plastic pastry bags)
Bag opener (for plastic pastry bags)

Simply open and press out pastry bags with the BAG OPENER!

Bag openers are quite a useful tool to ease the opening of disposable (and all other kind of plastic) pastry bags. They can also be used to press out all remaining fillings out of the bag.

Simple but really effective!

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Transporting hot or cold food is up to you!

If you are looking for high insulating food carriers with best quality and price, you are in the right place now.

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Best tools for baking, decorating & finishing!

Looking for pastry bags & tips, cutlery, scrapers & more professional bakeware?

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Backmann24: Your one-stop shop for baking supplies and kitchen tools

Welcome to our Backmann24 baking supply store! If you are a cook, a baker or a caterer – whether you are a professional or an ambitious amateur – you are now in the right place! In our baking supply store, you will find everything you need for your culinary endeavors. We look forward to serving your needs, offering a wide range of useful tools for kitchen work, bakery craft and food transportation. In our store, we present you with high quality baking supplies: from preparation stage up to finishing stage we provide you with the tools of the trade. Pastry bags, dough scrapers and cake rings are quintessential utensils for professional baking. Browse through our range of baking supplies and kitchen tools to get your next high quality baking equipment.

thermohauser kitchen tools in our baking supply store

We are a proud distributor of high professional thermohauser food transportation containers and culinary tools, known to professionals all over the world. Quality kitchen tools and utensils designed by thermohauser will meet all your baking and cooking needs. Enjoy browsing through our baking supply store and be sure to have a look at our sales section for discount baking supplies. In case of any questions or if you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us! It will be our pleasure to help you.


Finding the best kitchen tools is as easy as pie with our baking supplies

Whether you are creating stunning cakes or you are baking artisan bread, the wide range of products in our baking supply store will help you to get professional results. Kneading and folding soft dough is so much easier with the right dough scraper. Delicate frostings are a piece of cake with our pastry brushes. Our pastry bags work like a charm when decorating a cake or filling pastries. Prepare sweet or savory dishes with kitchen tools from our baking supplies. In our store, you will also find bread proofing baskets. In round or oblong shape, they are a necessary addition for your bread baking toolset. For the final additions, you will find baker’s blades and pastry brushes in our baking supply store. Right before you put the bread into the hot oven, score the dough or brush it with egg wash. With our baking supplies, you can create pleasing visual patterns on your next artisan bread in no time. Get high quality tools and reliable service at fair prices right here in our baking supply store.

Culinary tools to ease kitchen work

Working with the best equipment will be the best base to create perfect results. For everyday kitchen work, we offer a wide range of kitchen tools and baking supplies; all high quality products designed to be used by professionals. Be it tools for preparation and finishing (such as bowls, whisks, scrapers, brushes or knives) as well as food display ware and utensils for presentation – you’ll find what you’re looking for.



Our Favourite kitchen supplies for you

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3 Item(s)

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Pastry Bags

Pastry Bags

Pastry bags are your quintessential utensils to create stunning dishes and brilliant decors. Cakes, pastries and even savoury dishes will now not only taste great, but even look amazing. You can spread buttercream, chocolate ganache or gravy according to your ideas. Pastry bags give you full control over your designs. Turn your dreams into reality with our broad selection of pastry bags.

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Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips

Decorating cakes with ribbons, pleats, stars, leaves or unique flowers couldn’t be easier with our selection of decorating tips. Arrange fillings in a wide array of patterns and forms to give your cakes an extraordinary look. Combine different decorating tips to create delicate structures, stunning layers or professional shapes without any hassle.

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Nothing is more important to a professional cook than his knives. We offer you a wide range of cutlery that will get the job done. From all-purpose knives to specialized cutlery, you will find high quality tools that will support you every day. We provide you with chef’s knives, baker’s knives or spatulas perfect for cake decorating. Discover our selection of cutlery made for professionals and ambitious amateurs as well.

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Baking Tools

Baking Tools

Whether you are baking beautiful cakes or artisanal bread, the right tools will help you along the way. Our product range contains baking tools for almost every step of your recipes. Dough rollers and proofing baskets for the best possible dough, cake rings, cake pans and cutters for the perfect look. Our baking tools will let your talent and passion shine. For stunning results browse our selection of baking tools.

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Backmann24: Your one-stop baking supply store

Backmann24 Baking supply store

Food transportation containers for the perfect temperature

Getting food to the table in a clean, hygienic and pleasing way is what our food transportation containers are all about. Professional bakers and caterers can transport their delicacies the best possible way: what needs to be cold, stays cold. What is hot, stays hot. Irrespective of the temperature outside, our food transportation containers keep food within their designated temperature range. Now you can transport elaborate cakes during hot summers or present warm dishes in winter. But for private food shopping or the next picknick, the insulation boxes are also the right choice. With thermohauser food transportation containers, your creations arrive at your clients and guests in perfect condition.

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Kitchen supplies

Baking supplies for stunning results

The foundation of every great cake or any artisanal sourdough bread will always be the dough. With our broad range of baking supplies, you will create delicious dishes every day. Bread proofing baskets make it easy to keep your dough in shape. Yeast or sourdough based breads will rise to shine. Bakeware alongside other baking supplies will give you the best tools to prepare, shape or cut your dough. With pastry bags and decorating tips, putting the icing on the cake will be a piece of cake. Decorate cakes and bake bread with ease. Find baking supplies for your kitchen right here in our online shop.

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Food Display Ware

Discount baking supplies from Backmann24

Great kitchen tools don’t have to be expensive. Regularly we offer a variety of discount baking supplies. In this category you will find real bargains - quality tools and baking supplies at discount prices. Depending on what is on sale we provide you with cutlery, bakeware or pastry bags. Every tool and utensil brings up more inspiration and ideas for your next culinary aspiration. Learn new techniques with each new product. There is always room in your kitchen toolset. So come here often and check the sales section for the little extra in discount baking supplies.

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