Cake Rings & Cake Markers

Cake Rings & Cake Markers

Cake rings – small tools for great results

When producing delicious cakes you can give full rein to your imagination and play out your creativity. Regardless whether you are swinging the stirring spoon just for fun or if you are a professional confectioner – with some exercise and the assistance of the appropriate bakeware you can create amazing pies that are real eye-catchers and absolutely yummy.

Our cake rings are exactly the right tools for putting your baking plans into practice and end up with fantastic results. Available in different sizes, they assist you in producing challenging pies or tarts, traditional cheesecakes and countless sweet more specialties. Read more

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Cake rings give your torte the perfect shape

If you are going to prepare a multilayer-cake, first of all you need to turn your batter into the right shape. To do this, you can use a cookie cutter or a cake ring. After the sponge mixture has finished baking, allow it to cool down and then take a cake slicer to divide it into several pieces. If the dough has not baked evenly, just skim off its top dome part. Now the cake ring comes into use again. Choose the lower layer to provide the base of your pie and put it into the ring.

Then – by using a dough scraper or a spatula – apply a creamy filling, frosting or mousse on its surface. Cover the first filling with another layer of dough and add the second filling and so on. Be creative in choosing various fillings with different flavors, textures and colors. Finally finish your masterpiece with a silky-smooth glaze and an impressive garnish. With the help of our piping tips and pastry bags you will create perfectly shaped decorations.

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Professional cake rings and cake markers

Our cake rings are ideal for producing layered baking goods, pastries or desserts. Their straight sides and their seamless design ensure that your end product will be of flawless shape. When it comes time to remove the ring, you’ll benefit from its bottomless design that allows an easy removal.

The meaningful moment has come and you’d like to cut your marvelous torte? Using a knife quite often leads to crooked cuts and the pieces are not of the same size. To make sure, all guests will enjoy a great looking, well-formed slice of cake, you should use a professional cake marker that assists you in cutting the torte into evenly shaped slices.