Insulated Food Pan Carriers

Insulated Hotel Pan Size Boxes

Insulated pan carriers keep your food in perfect condition

If you are a professional caterer or manage a large kitchen, you’ll probably know the problem: how to transport your finished prepared food efficiently to your customers while also keeping it at the right temperature? Insulation is the answer. Insulated pan carriers let you store your pre-cooked food with ease and make transportation a clean and orderly process.

But most importantly: they also hold the heat so that food can be served fresh and doesn’t need to be warmed up again at its destination. Gone are the days of lukewarm dishes or melted ice cream. Warm dishes stay reliably warm, cold food keeps cool. Impress your customers with food in best condition! Read more

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Insulated pan carriers make transportation easy

We offer a broad range of standardized insulated transport cases that meet your demands at a high level. All boxes can be stacked and stored efficiently. So you can load quite a great number of them in a van and transport them safely and without additional energy for keeping the food warm. With the help of useful and easy to move dollies – available in very durable stainless steel or stylish red plastic – you can carry the boxes quickly and effortlessly on robust and flexible rollers.

We provide cases of different sizes to match your needs perfectly. Carry handles and separately available interlocking lids help you in stacking multiple carriers or in transporting them individually. Food transportation could not be easier and more flexible with our insulation cases!

Collapsible insulated pan carriers for efficient storage

Alongside top loading boxes we offer front loading ones and collapsible variants as well. Use front loaders to carry food on trays safely and under optimum conditions. So, for example, you can prepare components for a large buffet in advance and unpack and present them at the place of destination in just a few minutes. Multiple trays can be stored on top of each other to maximize the available space and store as much as possible.

Collapsible carriers can reduce their size by two thirds when they are not in use. Whenever you don’t need the boxes for some time you can store them taking up a minimum of space. All our insulated cases are food safe, hygienic and easy to clean. Do you wish more information on our food transportation application devices? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution to your daily challenges!