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Insulated European Size Boxes

Food delivery boxes for easy transportation

Delivering meals cooked at one site to one or more destinations becomes increasingly popular. Whether you are a caterer, a restaurateur or a food logistics company, keeping food in perfect condition is the most important issue. Customers who are looking forward to a tasty lunch will be disappointed if their dishes arrive cold, ice cream is already melting or pre-cooled drinks are not cold anymore. Insulated thermo boxes are made exactly for this purpose.

They are insulated to keep hot dishes hot and cold dishes cold. But there is even more to dinner delivery cases: they are designed to make transportation easy and more effective. Our broad range of professional meal delivery equipment is made of lightweight but sturdy and nearly unbreakable EPP (plastic foam). Therefore you can transport several components individually or stacked on top of each other for faster and more efficient deliveries. Read more

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4 Item(s)

Food delivery boxes in different sizes

Depending on the type of food you are delivering to your customers, different sizes of delivery boxes can go in action. We offer a variety of types in different heights that meet your needs in the best possible way. So you can fit your dishes efficiently while still being able to transport them safely and at constant temperatures. All variants offer carry handles and come with lids that are separately available as well.

With dollies deliveries are even easier und can be done with less effort. You can add several food delivery boxes and move them effortlessly and reliably. Each dolly is equipped with two fixed and two steering castors.

Food delivery boxes for efficient storage

In addition to our standardized food delivery boxes we also provide you with collapsible ones. If you don’t need a box for some time, you can fold it to a third of its original size and save storage space. Storing a large number of transportation devices is no longer a problem. All our delivery cases are food safe and dishwasher proof. So cleaning them afterward is simple and safe.

Use our delivery boxes and useful accessories for food transportation without any hassle. So you can fulfill your daily business with more efficiency and save time and effort. Do you need help in finding the right solution for your demands? Feel free to contact us at any time. We will come up with the best approach to your needs!