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Food Transportation Containers

Food Transportation Stage

Food transportation containers: hot stays hot, cool stays cool

Are you on the way to a summer party together with friends and family, somewhere outside? You made a delicious meal and now you need to find a way to transport your freshly prepared salads, finger food as well as the meat for barbecue and – not to forget – the cold drinks? Or are you a baker who created a perfectly decorated wedding cake and you want to go to a party location, at a temperature in excess of 100°F outside?

Most food items are temperature sensitive – some have to stay cold, others hot, but all on a constant temperature level to remain fresh, unspoiled and tasteful. Come in and browse through our shop to find a perfect solution with our range of food transportation containers. These containers, made by the famous German manufacturer thermohauser, will be a simple, but effective, safe and convenient solution to transport temperature sensitive food items. Read more


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories - The App, that brings "unique cooking experiences back to your home kitchen"...

Eating is a real pleasure for you? Cooking means time to relax, to enjoy and to be creative? You are looking for "inspiring and user-friendly recipes and a platform to share them on"? 
Kitchen Stories is an app, that gives you the tools to easily create a delicious meal. Interesting videos will give you an inspiration and impression of what you could be able to do - step by step explanations will make it easy for you to follow.

Both young founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao have put their idea into praxis to make "your home kitchen your favorite place to be again. [...] The app offers hundreds of creations in simple, searchable categories. [All the] recipes have been developed by top chefs exclusively for Kitchen Stories and tested by numerous hobby chefs..."

Enjoy browsing the app, finding your favourite receipes and cooking it! And finally - enjoy your delicious meal! 

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Food transportation containers – both robust and lightweight

Whether you are looking for a solution to transport food items from the supermarket to the kitchen (no matter if it's a professional or a private one) or for a way of transporting ready-to-eat meals from the kitchen to the destination point (e.g. a party or meals-on-wheels recipients), we do offer a large variety of food transportation containers. They are differing in size, volume and design – depending on your requirements – but they all have the following in common: they are

  • lightweight but extremely robust and long-lasting
  • highly insulating and temperature resistant but independent from external power sources
  • food-safe and neutral in taste and odor
  • easy to clean (dishwasher-proof)

Our food transportation containers and meals-on-wheels systems will be the right choice for you, whether you come from restaurant and catering, food delivery services or from a private leisure background.

Food transportation containers and more

Welcome to our online shop! We are proud to offer you not only food transportation containers but also a large variety of useful products for everyday kitchen work and bakery craft. Take a moment to discover the excellent products in our shop, you will find high quality tools and utensils to complement your kitchen equipment. In case of any questions or if you need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be pleased to help you!

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