Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves

Oven gloves – professional protection for your hands

As a cook, caterer or a baker you quite often have to handle hot pots, plates or other cookware. In order to reliably protect your hands from heat and burnings, you need insulated oven gloves that make picking up hot objects easier and safer. That’s why we offer you a choice of professional gauntlet gloves that meet the highest requirements and special demands relating to heat resistance, robustness and hygiene.

Available in a variety of different types and made of different materials – such as terry cloth, leather, cloths and jute fiber – our oven gloves support you in performing your daily tasks in the kitchen. For an increased level of safety some of them are equipped with reinforced palms and additional cuffs. Extra-long versions reach over your wrists and reliably protect them when you are fishing out something broiling from the back of the oven. Read more >>

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Mittens or fingered oven gloves?

To carry out various tasks you need particular gloves that are tailored to the specific needs. When you have to lift something very heavy, mittens are perfectly suited. Use them to get scalding hot and weighty items such as casserole dishes or cast-iron skillets out of the oven in a safe and comfortable way.

If you need to work with manual dexterity, our fingered gloves are the best choice for you. Thanks to these helpful kitchen utensils you are able to use all ten fingers and perfectly perform delicate work with very warm objects. Heat resistant up to 450° F, our oven gloves even protect you from the increased impact of heat.

Oven gloves – when it gets hot

When it comes to preparing a large amount of food for a great number of guests, it is important to serve the meal exactly on time and in best condition. To ensure this, a lot of things have to be done simultaneously and every hand movement needs to be precise. That’s why you need kitchen helpers that are easy to use and reliable.

Our oven mitts as well as our fingered gloves fit snugly and are easy to put on and take off. So you don’t spend precious working time fiddling around with badly fitted protective gloves. Instead, you can enjoy the comfort of a superb product that gives you the support you expect from a high-quality kitchen tool. Backmann24 also supplies you with a lot of other useful products you definitely need for working professionally in a kitchen. Have a look at our shop and find everything you need for preparation, presentation and food transportation.