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Cutlery – best equipment for precise cutting

We offer a wide range of cutlery in our shop. The choice of different knives and spatulas are made for both, cooks and bakers, for professional users as well as for passionate amateurs.


Kitchen Stories

Grating spaetzle with a palette knife - Kitchen Stories shows how it’s done

Kitchen Stories is the App that whets the appetite for more! Creative recipes, tips and tricks for efficient work in the kitchen – and all this composed descriptive and comprehensible by professionals for everybody in short videos and articles. Some of the products from our online shop Backmann24 are also used here – a look into the “Kitchen Stories” is absolutely worth it. The recipe “creating homemade spaetzle” shows you short and simple, how the classical Swabian side dish succeeds without difficulty and how to use our palette knifes in the process in a professional and successful way. With Kitchen Stories and the proper kitchen utensils from Backmann24, you will cook with pleasure and achieve delicious results.

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How to find the perfect cutlery

First of all you will have to decide whether you want to make a precise cut or work on the surface of a food item, which implies the question whether to use a knife or a spatula. But whatever the choice will be, it will be important to use the best tool to achieve the perfect result.

Spatulas are essential for cakes and pastries

This also applies for the use of the right cutlery for cakes and pastries. You can of course put an icing or a cream on the cake using a knife or a spoon. But why?! For baking and cake decorating, spatulas are invaluable cutlery tools. Different sizes and shapes are available, for example a broad or a small, a flat or an angular, a rigid or a flexible blade for a myriad of different uses, e.g. mixing, spreading, lifting and transferring. There will be almost one for every job. The flat spatulas are used for flipping, scraping and serving. If you want to put icing on a cake, especially into a cake ring, angular spatulas are perfect for that task.

Sharp knives make it easier

Slicing a cake or bread, cutting meat or vegetables, dividing a pizza – using a high quality knife will make it easy. Different types of knives are made for different fields of application, blades, edges and handles are adapted to meet the requirements. A bread knife has a special edge to go through the crust, a cake knife is pointed for a precise first cut. So just come in and have a look at our online shop to find your perfect cutlery.

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