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Dropping bottles – store liquids perfectly

Did you ever ask yourself how professional chefs use liquids in their kitchen? Often they only use a tiny amount to give their sauces and meals the extra culinary touch. With our dropping bottles you can do this the same way now. These useful flagons are perfect for storing and pouring fluids of all kinds. Special oils, vinegars or infusions are right there where you need them. With a little squeeze on the bottle, you can add the right amount of flavor to your dishes. However, you can use our dropping bottles for baking as well. Keep melted chocolate or fruit syrup in them and then decorate and style your cakes without making a mess. Find your dropping bottles and castors right here in our online shop. Read more

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Dropping bottles will give you more control

Measuring the right amount of spices and oils is very important for all kinds of dishes. It is very cumbersome and error-prone to get it right with normal containers and flasks, but with dropping bottles you are in control. Gently squeeze the bottle to pour out the liquid. Just use exactly what you need. Even if you pushed too hard, it is no problem: the dropping bottle can be used as a soaker as well. Turn the bottle upright and press it to create a vacuum. Now point the tip of the dropping bottle over the liquid and release the pressure from the bottle. The excess fluid will get soaked back into the dropping bottle. So whenever you need just a precious little amount of a fluid or you need extra control to pour liquids where you want them to be, dropping vessels are the best tool for the job.

Dropping bottles and stainless castors organize your kitchen

Besides dropping bottles, we also offer castors made from stainless steel. Both can be used to add the flavor to your food that suits your taste-buds. Both are convenient for storing as well. Instead of having shelves full of half-empty packets, flasks and jars, organize your ingredients with dropping bottles and castors. Not only does it give your kitchen a more professional look, it will help you keep everything right at hand. Here at Backmann24 you will find high quality kitchen utensils and proven baking tools at great prices. Surf our online shop and also take a look at our other products, such as chef knives, pastry brushes and everything you need for food transportation. If you have any questions regarding our wide product range or need more information about a tool, just contact us. We will be happy to help you!