Cake Stands

Cake stands

Cake stands – presenting sweet delicacies appetizingly

Many different steps are necessary to create a delightful cake and to give it the finishing touches by adding an affectionately arranged decoration. After you have set the last piece of icing by using an appropriate pastry bag and the compatible piping tips, it comes to perfectly present your masterpiece in the window display of your shop or on a well laid coffee table. With our professional equipment for food presentation, you spot your pie into focus in a particularly impressive way. For example you can place a juicy Black Forest gateau on an elegant white colored cake plate that is adjustable in different inclined positions. Also a simple arrangement of little cupcakes and cookies turns into a feast for the eyes when using the right presentation base. To finally transfer your tasty baked goods onto your customer’s or guest’s plate in a confident way, our cake servers are perfectly suited.

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