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Piping tip sets for all your decorating needs

To create beautifully designed cakes you have to have the right tools. With our piping tip sets you get a wide range of piping tips at low prices. Whether you are just starting to experiment with cake decorating or whether you are an experienced professional, our piping tip sets will get you value for money. The more tips you have at hand, the more delicate patterns, shapes and designs you can create. Professional bakers switch between different tips to come up with intricate flowers, lacework or figurines. With our assortment of piping tip sets you can do too! Read more >>

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Piping tip sets for refreshing designs

Cakes and pastries cater for all the senses. An amazing cake will taste better if it has the right look. A look to be proud of. With our piping tip sets you can turn your design ideas into reality. No longer do you have to try to create flowers, leafs and petals with just one cake decorating tip. Use the best tool for the job. Round or star shaped decorating tips are the most versatile decorating tips. For special designs like complex ribbons or unique textures, it is better to use Russian, basketweave, leaf, St. Honoré or Multi-Opening tips. Add lilies, roses, daisies or scallops, pleats and whorls to give your cake a professional look. Whatever you come up with, our piping tip sets will have the perfect tip for the task.

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Piping tip sets in all sizes

We offer piping tip sets made from stainless steel or plastic. All our piping tip sets are food safe and easy to clean. Besides different materials, they also come in different sizes - smaller sets for the aspiring hobby baker, larger sets for ambitious amateurs or professional bakers. Some sets will come with their own box to keep them clean and orderly. For all your baking needs you will find a broad range of tools and accessories right here in our online shop.