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Cake decorating piping tips for unique shapes and patterns

Decorating a cake makes it not only more appealing, it is also a lot of fun. With the right tools at hand, you can create stunning looking cakes and pastries in no time. Alongside traditional star and round decorating tips we provide you with a wide array of specially shaped cake decorating piping tips. Ranging from Russian piping tips over flower piping tips to leave or star ribbon piping tips. Decorating cakes is no longer reserved for professional bakers - ambitious amateurs will find tools to fulfill their decorating needs right here in our online shop! Read more >>

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Cake decorating piping tips in all shapes and sizes

Have you ever wondered how to shape buttercream into delicate flowers? You don’t have to be an artist to do that. All you need are the right cake decorating piping tips - like our Russian tips. These pastry tips differ from regular piping tips in their form. Instead of a single hole in case of star or round decorating tips these have intricate cut outs. By squeezing buttercream or other fillings through these, you create complete flowers alongside their petals in just one go. For these designs it’s important to use a cream that is not too soft. Otherwise the flower won’t keep its shape. Then you put a little pressure on the pastry bag and release it, while slowly and calmly lifting the tip from the cake. With a little experience and a steady hand you will be creating flowers in no time. By combining differently shaped Russian cake decorating piping tips you can put together a whole bouquet of uniquely looking flowers. Everyone will be amazed by your marvelous designs.

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More cake decorating piping tips for your designs

The more you use decorating piping tips for your cakes, the more ideas you will come up with. Regular piping tips like the star and round cake decorating piping tips can be used for most of your designs. Though some shapes and patterns will be easier to add with other specially designed cake decorating piping tips. Leaf shaped tips help you to add leaves to your flowers or to make nice edges, pleats and scallops. A multi-opening tip is ideal for piping buttercream or to add clusters of dots for the centers of flowers. Essential for making an authentic St. Honoré cake, a traditional French dessert, St. Honoré cake decorating piping tips also come in handy for making rings, whorls and ripples from icing, mousse and tart fillings. With our broad range of cake decorating piping tips you can create your ideal cake with ease. Find everything you need to enhance your baking skills right here in our online shop.