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Round decorating tips – filling cakes with ease

Decorating tips will help you create stunning cakes and pastries without any hassle. We provide you with a wide range of different tips in all shapes and sizes. Round decorating tips are perfect for all kinds of decorating jobs. They can be used to fill pastries and cakes or to apply frosting evenly. Round decorating tips are extremely versatile and you will use them frequently as part of your kitchen toolbox. Read more >>

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Round decorating tips for all patterns

When you are decorating a cake you have an image of the final product in your mind. It’s not only about the taste, the visual impact has to be stunning as well. A great looking cake will please your family and guests even more. Round decorating tips will help you create a perfect look. You can use them for lettering on a birthday cake. With gentle pressure on the bag the cream or ganache will form clear lines. But you can also create lattice patterns or lacework without any problems. Or add small beads and balls to your decorations. Round decorating tips open a cornucopia of decorating possibilities.

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Round decorating tips in all sizes

Our round decorating tips come with different diameters. The larger the diameter, the broader the line of cream or filling. The more delicate the pattern you imagine, the smaller should be the diameter of the round decorating tip. So for lettering or lacework you typically use a thin tip whereas for beads and turrets larger ones come in handy. Together with our pastry bags and accessories, it’s easy to switch between different sizes. All our decorating tips are food safe of course and are available either made of stainless steel or plastic. For even more decorating ideas and tools browse our extensive online shop to satisfy all your baking and decorating needs.