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Piping Tips

Decorating Tips

Piping tips turn cakes into art

A delicious cake makes up the sweet highlight at each festivity. When celebrating a wedding, a birthday or another party, cutting the pie is always a very special moment for all guests. Therefore, not only the taste of the lovingly baked pastry plays an essential role, but also its outer appearance is of critical importance. With the help of our piping tips and the compatible piping bag you will decorate your pastries with ease and create stunning results.

Our decorating tips can benefit professional confectioners as well as passionate bakers at home. The large diversity of differently shaped tips in our assortment offers you a broad range of possibilities and makes decorating work enjoyable. Our hole and star tips, for example, enable you to embellish your cake with delightful ganache or apply artful ornaments with tasty chocolate or butter. Read more


Kitchen Stories

How the piping tip gets into the piping bag – Kitchen Stories helps

The exalted art of filigree decorating of baking creations is not only reserved to professional confectioners – with the help of the right baking utensils amateur bakers are definitely able to achieve respectable performances, too. It is important to insert the decorating tips accurately in the piping bag to achieve the perfect result. Kitchen Stories, the App, which “communicates cooking like it really should be: simple, exciting, efficient and inspiring”, shows in an amazing tutorial-video, how it’s done. Furthermore, there are many delicious recipes and suggestions, as well as a young community, where questions about cooking, eating and enjoyment can be exchanged. You can find a great selection of piping tips, piping bags and other useful kitchen utensils here in our online shop Backmann24.

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Decorating and filling sweet-tasting specialties with piping tips

Our piping tips are exactly the right tools to garnish all kinds of sweet delights and make them more appealing. From classical fruitcakes to little cupcakes up to multilevel wedding cakes, every torte can be turned into an enchanting masterpiece. The diverse shapes of our tips offer a wide variety of options to be creative. You wish to design beautiful blossoms, cute stars or elegant wave patterns? With our useful helpers you will do it in no time and with great success. Exotic and fanciful shapes, such as shells, hearts or waves can also be added on the top of your pastry with ease.

To enjoy a high level of flexibility in doing your sweet artwork, our mixed sets of piping tools provide an excellent choice. They include a versatile selection of differently shaped pastry tips in a useful box that ensures easy overview and storage. How about a set of Russian piping tips to create exquisite blossoms made of cream? Using different food colorings in your mixture will lead to breath-taking results. For spoiling your guests and customers with stuffed tartlets and doughnuts, our filling tips come into use. They make it easy to squeeze fruity jam or other treats into your pastries without damaging their marvelous look.

Serving hearty meals appetizingly

Our piping tips are not only great tools to refine sweet delicacies. They are also perfectly suited for turning hearty meals into a feast for the eyes. You can, for example, fill mashed potatoes or vegetable puree in a piping bag and arrange them elaborately in small portions on a plate. Piping tips are also predestined to put the finishing touches on an assorted plate of different kinds of sausage, cheese or fish. Precisely placed dots of custard – a delicious mixture made of eggs – or small pieces of butter in the shape of roses are always an appetizing eye-catcher.

When celebrating an event, hearty snacks are always welcome. Why not surprise your guests with tasty cupcakes with ham and cheese? If you decorate them with a topping made of spicy cream cheese in the shape of little stars and flowers, your guests will eat them with pleasure. Using our filling tips, you can also prepare filled dumplings without the filling leaking during the baking process.

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Piping tips and other useful baking utensils from Backmann24

The best recipe for producing delicious tasting and impressively looking cakes is the right mixture of high quality and freshly processed ingredients as well as using professional baking equipment. Besides our piping tips made of durable plastic or stainless steel, we also offer you many other utensils for preparing and decorating your cakes. Our dough scrapers and pastry brushes are quite useful must-haves for preparing dough or spreading a pie with cream or other sweet toppings. Also take a closer look at our wide variety of products for food presentation.

Here you’ll find everything you need for presenting your pie and other food in a visual appealing way. For example our tasteful cake stands & cake plates will perfectly highlight your fine bakery products. To serve your guests or customers a large slice of the delicious pie, our food-save and scratch resistant cake servers are a great choice. And if you’d like to transport a cake from one place to another, our easy to handle cake covers will help to protect it during transportation. Whether you are a professional baker or swinging the stirring spoon just for fun, Backmann24 is your baking supply store that helps you to fulfil your baking ideas and provides you with the right supplies.

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