Reusable Pastry Bags

Re-usable Pastry Bags

Reusable pastry bags give you control

Pastry bags are versatile tools in your kitchen. You can use them for baking, for pâtisserie work and for savory dishes as well. Whenever you want to give your dishes and pastries that special look, pastry bags are here to help you. There are two types of pastry bags: disposable and reusable ones. Disposable pastry bags can be used only once. Reusable pastry bags you can use for many years. Our reusable pastry bags are dishwasher safe. So cleaning them is no problem at all. Especially if you are an ambitious home baker or pâtissier reusable pastry bags are the right tool for you.

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Reusable pastry bags for all kinds of dishes

Our reusable pastry bags are either made of cotton or a synthetic fabric. Both designs are durable and prevent bleeding. Some offer additional features like hangers for easy drying or a top seam so that filling the pastry bag is more convenient. Our ‘Silver’ pastry bags feature an additional coating that contains silver ions that effectively prevents bacteria from growing. This makes these reusable pastry bags the most hygienic possible. This is especially important if you are using pastry bags not only for baking and decoration but also for savory dishes as well. Reusable pastry bags can be used for so many dishes, you won’t cook without them. Combined with a pastry bag tip you can form pâté, foams and purees into amazing shapes and designs. Now your food will not only taste great, it will look stunning as well!

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Reusable pastry bags for decorating

Decorating cakes and shaping pastries is an art in itself. Without reusable pastry bags it is next to impossible to create delicate structures and shapes. You just don’t have the necessary control over meringue or ganache to get it into the right form. With pastry bags it’s all a piece of cake. Using different pastry bag tips even amateurs can turn a good cake into a great one. In no time a reusable pastry bag will help you turn your decoration ideas into reality. You can control how much cream or chocolate you need, the pastry bag will do the rest.