Pastry Bag Accessories


Pastry bags accessories: even more control

Pastry bags alongside pastry tips help you create stunning looking cakes, pastries and dishes. Now your food will not only taste good, it will also look amazing. Regardless of whether you are using our disposable pastry bags or our reusable pastry bags, you can make your cooking even easier with our set of pastry bag accessories. For example our pastry bag stands will be a great addition to your toolset. Whenever you are filling a pastry bag or you pause between different shapes, they come in very handy. Just place the pastry bag in the stand and your hands are free to fill in new cream or do some other decorations first. We offer other pastry bag accessories as well: if you are using pastry bags often our wall rack is ideal for you. Store multiple pastry bags in between uses. Your working surface will keep tidy and you can use the space for cakes and pastries. Find great pastry bag accessories at backmann24!

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