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Dough Scrapers & Cutters

Dough scraper – the versatile tool

A dough scraper is one of the must-have accessories for your kitchen and baking utensils. Professional bakers and pastry chefs use it to prepare dough or decorate cakes. It is not only an essential tool for baking bread and bread rolls but it is also perfect for portioning dough pieces.


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A dough scraper does more than just scraping

A dough scraper is a real universal talent in every kitchen.

Whenever you have to knead a dough, divide it into loaves or portion rolls, take a dough scraper and make work easier for yourself. You want to empty a mixing bowl to the last bit – simply take a dough scraper and the bowl will be (almost) completely clean. You have to evenly spread a cream, chocolate coating or some other mass – use our dough scraper for a perfect result. Once you have used it, you will never want to bake without it again.

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A curved or a rectangular dough scraper?

Dough scrapers do exist in different sizes and shapes. They can feature a metal blade or one of plastic material. They can be of a rectangular as well as of a curved shape. A curved plastic dough scraper is ideal for getting cream out of mixing bowls while the rectangular scraper is perfect for cleaning your kneading area. The curved dough scraper is flexible enough to follow the contours of your bowl and stiff enough to fold dough. If you need even more stability rectangular dough scrapers are even better for the job. So it is a good idea to have more than one. We also offer special shaped dough scrapers for cake decorating. Through their unique shape they double as decorating combs. Now you can add marvelous designs to your icing.