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Dough Scrapers & Pastry Brushes

Dough Scrapers & Pastry Brushes

Dough scrapers and pastry brushes for delicious cakes

When preparing delightful looking cakes, pies or even homemade bread, you quite often need to apply different masses onto the dough, into a baking tin or – to perform the final act of decoration – on the top of your baked masterpiece. To carry out these tasks with ease, the right utensils are of vital importance.

That’s why our dough scrapers and pastry brushes are essential components in every kitchen. Regardless if you are a professional baker or a passionate cook at home, these little helpers assist you in spreading all kinds of mixtures in no time. Read more


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories - The App, that brings "unique cooking experiences back to your home kitchen"...

Eating is a real pleasure for you? Cooking means time to relax, to enjoy and to be creative? You are looking for "inspiring and user-friendly recipes and a platform to share them on"? 
Kitchen Stories is an app, that gives you the tools to easily create a delicious meal. Interesting videos will give you an inspiration and impression of what you could be able to do - step by step explanations will make it easy for you to follow.

Both young founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao have put their idea into praxis to make "your home kitchen your favorite place to be again. [...] The app offers hundreds of creations in simple, searchable categories. [All the] recipes have been developed by top chefs exclusively for Kitchen Stories and tested by numerous hobby chefs..."

Enjoy browsing the app, finding your favourite receipes and cooking it! And finally - enjoy your delicious meal! 

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Dough scrapers and pastry brushes for the final glaze

Delicious pastries only become a sweet seduction when they appeal to the eye. To turn your ready-baked cake into a moth-watering sweetness, an appetizing looking glaze is absolutely crucial. So, for example, if you have removed a superbly mellow lemon cake fresh from the oven, allow it to cool down for a bit. In the meantime, mix confectioners’ sugar with lemon juice until it has a creamy consistence. Use a pastry brush to apply the mass onto the nearly cold cake and spread it thoroughly with the assistance of the dough scraper.

If you’d like to try out a tasty chocolate coating, our decoration utensils for the preparation stage will also support you. In order to bring more variety into your baking activities, it may be a great idea to use white instead of brown chocolate. Just heat it in a water bath until it melts and apply the viscous mass carefully. If you’d like to turn your pie into a real eye-catcher, you can also mix a small amount of food coloring into the melted chocolate.

Professional kitchen tools for different tasks – dough scrapers and pastry brushes

Our high-quality dough scrapers and pastry brushes are available in various versions. All pastry brushes are equipped with durable handles that rest comfortably in your hand. Just as it fits best to your preferences and tasks, you can choose between synthetic, natural or silicone bristles. Moreover, all brushes can be ordered in diverse bristle widths.

Relating to our pastry brushes there is also a broad selection of differently styled types at our disposal. Because all of them are made of easy-to-clean plastic they are reliably hygienic. Also take a look at the other products in our baking supply store. So, for example, our piping tips, combined with our pastry bags, are perfectly suited to apply delightful ornaments made of cream or ganache on top of your pie.

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