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Cookie cutters – not only useful for Christmas baking

During the Christmas season, baking homemade cookies is very popular in many countries. But these tasty delights are not only enjoyed during this time, but can also be handed out on many occasions throughout the whole year. With the assistance of our cookie cutters you are able to produce quite a lot of them with ease. Just lay our cutting sheet on a baking paper or baking mat, roll out the pastry above and slightly press with a rolling pin. In no time you have a huge amount of separated forms that are ready to go into the oven. When using our single cookie cutters, you can create imaginative cookies, such as delightful hearts or oval shapes that can be personalized by adding a special dedication made of sugar or chocolate. Read more

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Decorating cakes and pies with cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are very versatile kitchen equipment. You’d like to create a multilevel wedding cake or a pie filled with pudding or rich custard? Then these useful tools will support you when it comes to bringing the dough and the delicious creamy mass into the desired shape. Our cookie cutters are also predestined to assist you in creating the final decoration. When doing this, you can use them to form little hearts, stars or artful ornaments made of marzipan or fondant. If you fancy “Linzer Torte” our assortment also has the right tool to cut the characteristic lattice pattern into your dough. Just put it onto your pastry and use a rolling pin to go over it.

Preparing dough with our bread & cookie cutters

You needn’t be a professional baker to yield tasty bread and rolls. But you should use professional equipment when producing them. Besides a proofing basket to allow the dough to rise, you also need dough markers to enlarge the surface and thus the proportion of crust – the most tasteful part of your baked good. In order to surprise you customers or guests with a particularly successfully baked bread, use a pastry brush to apply a thin film of water on the dough before putting it into the oven. This small but effective trick makes the bread even crustier.