Baking Paper & Baking Mats

Baking Paper & Mats

Baking paper and mats – no sticking, great results

Creating delicious homemade cakes, sweet little cookies, tasty rolls for breakfast or super thin and crispy pizza only becomes an enjoyable task when using the appropriate bakeware. To prevent your tasteful delicacies from sticking to the baking tray, our baking paper is perfectly suited.

Siliconized on both sides, this high-quality paper allows you to release our seductively smelling baked goods without damaging their appealing look. So, right after they have left the oven, you can serve them still warm and in best condition to your guests. Read more

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Baking paper makes food preparation simple and more efficient

Covering the surface of your baking plate with non-sticking paper makes greasing its surface unnecessary. This reduced use of margarine or shortening not only turns your baked goods lower in calories and therefore contributes to a healthy diet, but also reduces the need for cleaning.

Because the paper is impermeable to grease and moisture, it will be enough to just remove it and carefully clean your tray with a damp cloth. By doing this, you also preserve its surface and so extend its lifespan. In contrast to most other parchment papers our sheets are made for multi-use. Each side can be used up to three times.

Baking paper and other useful kitchen tools

Our baking paper is of reliable strength, flexible and applicable for all kinds of dough. Whether you are going to prepare lye pretzels, yeast-risen pastry or sponge cake – our baking parchment is always the right choice when it comes to creating awesome baked goods. According to your preference they are available in a dispenser pack or on a roll.

Also take a closer look at our other products for preparing and decorating cakes and pastries. Our professional equipment helps you to create stunning results you can be proud of. For example our decorating tips in combination with the compatible pastry bags will assist you embellishing your pies with ease.