Bakeware turns your ingredients into delicious cakes

Creating delightful looking and delicious tasting baked goods is not only a task for professional confectioners and bakers but also for passionate cooks at home. With some experience, a little instinct and the right tools, everyone can end up presenting stunning results. In order to give you the best possible support, we offer a wide variety of high-quality bakeware from thermohauser that makes dealing with different kinds of ingredients easy for you.

Whether you’d like to prepare sweet little cookies, a fruity strawberry pie, a multistage wedding cake, a hearty quiche or even a crispy sourdough bread – we have the right baking tools in stock that assist you in preparing the dough and decorating the final result in an imaginative way. Read more

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For perfect results – processing dough with professional bakeware

Rolling out the dough, measuring the right size, cutting it into the desired shape or sawing the baked pastry into different layers are just some among the many things that need to be done repeatedly when producing tasty pies. To carry out these tasks quickly and precisely, you need the appropriate bakeware, such as our wooden rolling pins. Thanks to the innovative precision ball bearings inside, they work very smoothly and thus ensure the pressure is spread evenly.

For determining the appropriate extension of your dough, our rulers come into use. With the help of our cake slicers you can create a multi-layer pastry with ease. If you’d like to surprise your customers or guests with an original “Linzer Torte”, our lattice matrix will assist you in creating the typical lattice pattern.

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High-quality bakeware and many other useful kitchen tools

No matter if you are cooking for your customers in a restaurant or for your friends and family at home – a plentiful covered pizza is always a welcome dish at many occasions. To ensure the dough becomes thin and crusty, you need to prevent it from rising. A very easy end effective way to do this, is to use a dough docker. Just go over your batter with this tool and perforate it. Your guests will love it!

Also take a closer look at our other products for preparing and decorating baked goods, such as our piping tips in a broad range of different shapes. When using the compatible pastry bag, you can create beautiful cake decorations. To finally present your pie in an attractive way, our cake stands are perfectly suited.