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Baking Tools

Baking Tools

Baking tools turn your fresh ingredients into delightful pastries

No matter if for customers, guests or friends – the enjoyable task of baking is being done in every kitchen more or less frequently. When using the right baking tools, activities like preparing the dough, bringing it into the right shape and decorating the final result are not only a pleasure, but also lead to perfect results. Regardless whether you are planning to fabricate little cupcakes, a tasty fruit-cake, homemade bread or crispy rolls – to realize different kinds of recipes, you need high-quality baking utensils that support you in doing your kitchen work. Read more


Kitchen Stories

Baking cinnamon star cookies made easy with the right baking utensils and Kitchen Stories

Cinnamon-star-cookies simply belong to the Christmas bakery, but many people don’t dare to bake them. Kitchen Stories shows you how it works without difficulties. The cooking App, which addresses gourmets worldwide, offers recipes and kitchen tricks that will make “cooking a relaxed experience” and invite you to try it for yourself. Apple even rated the app as the best in the category “Eating and drinking” in 2014! You can find many of the baking utensils used – for example the baking brushes for the cinnamon star cookies – right here in our Backmann24 online shop. With the proper utensils AND the right instructions, baking will become a pleasure. Just try it!

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Baking tools to create stunning pies

You would like to make a challenging pie for a very special occasion? Then our baking tools are exactly the right choice. Use our rolling pins to stretch your dough on a piece of siliconized baking paper. Our useful cake rings will assist you in bringing the batter into the desired shape. After baking has finished, a cake slicer is the right tool to divide your sponge cake into several parts.

Use a dough scraper to spread cream or another filling onto the individual layers and decorate the final tart by using a pastry brush to dab your pie with a freshly stirred icing. To apply the finishing touch our pastry bags and piping tips are perfectly suited. They assist you in designing beautiful ornaments, such as blossoms, hearts, shells or waves on top of your cake with ease.

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Baking tools for creating sweet little delights

Cookies are popular on many occasions. With the help of our cookie cutting sheets or cookie cutter sets you are able to produce quite a lot of them in no time. After you have removed the baking tray from the oven, you can use one of our pastry brushes to decorate your differently shaped cookies with a colorful topping and turn them into a real feast for the eyes. Muffins are also a great idea to surprise your guests with small delights. When using our easy-to-clean silicone baking moulds, these little cakes will be a guaranteed success.

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