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Insulated food containers – essential for each caterer

In our fast-moving time preparing meals freshly has been converted to a luxury which often only takes place at the weekends. Nevertheless, most people prefer to enjoy at least one warm dish per day. That’s why caterers become more and more popular. They do not only supply schools and companies with freshly cooked meals, but also senior citizens and care intuitions.

If you run a food delivery service, you need to make sure, your pre-prepared foods are transported safely and are still hot when they reach your customers. For this we offer you a selection of professional insulated food containers that reliably keep your food hot for several hours. Read more >>

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Meals on wheels in best condition – with insulated food containers

Insulated food containers are the base for delivering meals in high quality. Because they are in every-day-use, they should be easy to handle and particularly durable. That’s why our insulating boxes are made of EPP (expandable polypropylene), which is characterized by its light weight and surprising sturdiness.

All boxes are perfectly suited to be used in dishwashers. Of course the material is food-safe as well. For a space efficient transport and storage, our useful insulated food containers are stackable on top of each other. In order to ensure a secure positioning of the dinnerware inside the boxes, they are equipped with molded grooves. So nothing can shift out of place.

Insulated food containers and more from backmann24

Our different insulation systems hold a diverse range for individual demands. They are available in different sizes and types. Choose between rectangular or round shaped versions and decide how much additional space for side dishes or fruit snacks you need. Supplemented by our high quality china and appropriate silicone lids, you supply your customers with a good looking meal in best condition.

Also take a closer look at our other products. As a professional supplier for catering and gastronomy we provide a great choice of everything you need for preparing, transporting and presenting food in the best way. If you’d like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our qualified team.