Insulated Boxes with Special Shapes

Insulated Boxes with Special Shape

Insulated Boxes with special shapes for hot and cold delights

In our modern world it becomes more and more common not to freshly prepare meals every day but to order them at food delivery services. For those who have specialized in supplying food, it is quite essential to make sure the delicious dishes reach their customers still hot and in best condition. That is when food transportation boxes come into play. These sturdy tools keep the meals in a safe place and – because of their reliably insulating features – ensure their temperature is maintained for quite a long time. Made of lightweight EPP, the isolation cases of our assortment in hotel pan size, European size and special shapes are easy to handle and are even dish washer proof. Supplement the boxes with the attractive looking dishes of our Dinner Champion System and you have a solid and complete equipment on hand to deliver your customers with delicious food every day. For those who’d like to indulge their clients with tasteful ice cream, we also have special ice cream boxes in stock. In addition to all these helpful food transportation devices, we also provide heating – respectively cooling – pads that are made to support the temperature level inside the boxes.

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