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Food Transportation Boxes

Food Transportation Boxes

Insulated food carrier – delivering food in best condition

Today places where food is prepared and where it is eaten often are different locations. Food delivery services and professional caterers need to transport freshly prepared meals to their customers who are situated several kilometers away. During this journey it is necessary to ensure that all ready-to-eat-dishes are reliably protected. Just as important is that hot meals are kept warm and cold drinks preferably reach the customers home in an enjoyable cool condition.

Insulated food carrier boxes provide a perfect solution whenever finished prepared food and pre-cooled drinks need to be transportet securely sheltered from external influences from one place to another while their temperature needs to be maintained. These practical supporters allow to store food efficiently and ensure a properly insulated transport. Read more


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories - The App, that brings "unique cooking experiences back to your home kitchen"...

Eating is a real pleasure for you? Cooking means time to relax, to enjoy and to be creative? You are looking for "inspiring and user-friendly recipes and a platform to share them on"? 
Kitchen Stories is an app, that gives you the tools to easily create a delicious meal. Interesting videos will give you an inspiration and impression of what you could be able to do - step by step explanations will make it easy for you to follow.

Both young founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao have put their idea into praxis to make "your home kitchen your favorite place to be again. [...] The app offers hundreds of creations in simple, searchable categories. [All the] recipes have been developed by top chefs exclusively for Kitchen Stories and tested by numerous hobby chefs..."

Enjoy browsing the app, finding your favourite receipes and cooking it! And finally - enjoy your delicious meal! 

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Insulated food carrier in various versions for your needs

We provide a wide range of common and standardized food boxes in different sizes and designs that are used in the field of catering and gastronomy. For particular needs we also have special shapes available. Regardless of which kind of delicacies you are going to transport to a defined destination: a fantastic wedding cake, tasty and freshly made pizza, components of a warm or a cold buffet or even beer barrels – our boxes are the perfect equipment for lots of individual transport requirements that you are faced with in the business of food delivery.

Different handles and covers are adapted to suit to your demands. So you can have a look in our wide product range and choose whatever means the best solution for you. All our boxes are made of robust and almost unbreakable plastic foam (EPP) that impresses with an outstanding lightweight.

Food carrier Boxes and more at

In addition to our boxes for delivery food we also provide useful matching equipment that supports you during your daily business and makes things easier. For example, you can find handy trollies that help you to carry boxes from one place to another with ease. Furthermore we offer cooling and heating elements that keep food at a constant temperature while it is transported to its point of destination. So warm meals will not suffer any loss of heat and delicious ice cream has no chance to melt in the hot summer.

Backmann24 is your reliable partner in all questions of catering and gastronomy equipment. Starting with preparation stage continuing with the finishing stage until food transportation and presentation, we offer a wide variety of utensils and tools on a professional level and in high quality from thermohauser. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and competent staff.

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