Whisks for mixing, whipping and frothing

A set of different types of whisks is an absolutely must-have for home cooks as well as for restaurant chefs. Day by day they are used when it comes to blend ingredients smooth and incorporate air into a mixture. Most commonly whisks assist you produce whipped cream. But they also can be used to blend sauces and give icing sugar mixtures or melted chocolate cream a maximum of fluffiness.

Various inch lengths of whisks are meticulously designed to perform varied tasks. Longer ones are perfectly suited to be used in big bowls. Midsized versions will support you beating eggs into a firm foam, for example to make delicious meringue. Shorter types work best for mixing small amounts of liquids. Read more >>

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Balloon whisks or ball whisks?

Besides whisks in diverse inch lengths, we also offer you different kinds, such as balloon whisks and ball whisks. Traditionally whisks consist of wires that are shaped into loops. These so-called balloon whisks are appropriate for mixing ingredients in bowls, because their curved edges perfectly conform to a bowl’s concave inner surface.

The latest version are ball whisks, which have no loops but a group of individual wires that are tipped with a metal ball at the lower end. These types are specially designed for use in narrow containers. The flexible wires allow the balls to reach into the corners of a straight-sided vessel and so also include the sediment into the mixture. Because there are no crossing wires, the ball whisks are easy to clean.

Professional whisks for demanding tasks

In our assortment you solely find high quality kitchen utensils for skilled work that will serve you for many years. Our whisks are made of stainless steel wires that are reliably durable. The handles fit comfortably in your hand and even allow to beat mixes of thick or semi liquid consistency. All whisks feature a hanger for easy storage at the upper end.

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