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Stirring Ladles

Solid mixing spoons for professionals

When preparing meals or delicious cakes you often have to stir or mix masses or liquids. Besides whisks, traditionally wooden spoons are used to carry out these tasks. But wooden kitchen tools have the disadvantage that they retain food flavor or odor and can’t be cleaned up hygienically. Sometimes they are even at risk to crack or to split when they are in daily use for a long duration of time.

Order our easy to clean and heat resistant stirring ladles to professionalize your kitchen activities. Made of fiberglass and reinforced polyamide plastic, they are a modern update to the wooden cooking spoons and especially made for extremely heavy duty. Thanks to their smooth surface, nothing won’t stick to them and no bacteria won’t get trapped into the perfectly crafted material. The durable handles rest comfortably in your hand and stand up to any pressure you put on it. Read more >>

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Mixing spoons for different applications

Our mixing spoons can be used for a wide range of activities in your kitchen. They are suitable for mixing dough and batter as well as for stirring stews and sauces. Various lengths are great for a variety of different tasks. Those with extra-long handles are perfectly suited for stirring masses in deep vessels and scraping the bottom of tall pitchers. Smaller ones are more manageable and allow working precisely.

In addition to our stirring ladles we also offer diverse rubber spatulas that dispose of a high resilient fiberglass reinforced plastic handle as well. At the lower end they consist of blue silicon which is very flexible and won’t mark-up delicate surfaces. Heat resistant up to approximately 400° F for short time, these kitchen utensils are great for browning meat and other food in a pan without scraping the bottom of stainless steel or cast iron pans.

Top quality mixing spoons and other useful kitchen tools

As a supplier for commercial kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, confectioners and passionate hobby cooks we offer a wide range of professional kitchen utensils you can count on and that will make your daily work easier and more enjoyable. So you will create perfect results with ease and impress your guests with delicious food.

Surf our website and find everything you need for preparing food from the first step until the moment of serving. Additionally we provide you with food display ware for a stunning food presentation. You are a food supplier and you’d like to provide your customers with freshly prepared meals and refreshing cold drinks? Then have a look at our range of food transportation containers.