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Mixing Tools

Whisks & Stirring Ladles

Useful mixing tools for cooks, bakers and confectioners

When working in a kitchen you quite often have to mix ingredients or transform liquids into a foamy texture. Indeed there are lots of ways to carry out these tasks. You can use various tools which perform in a specific manner and have different effects on the ingredients. Whether you’d like to stir, whisk, blend or beat something – you should have a set of mixing tools on hand that are suited for diverse areas of application.

That’s why backmann24 offers you a selection of high quality whisks, stirring ladles and rubber spatulas which are easy to use and perfectly suited for many jobs. All tools have sturdy handles, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, are easy to clean and are remarkably durable. Read more >>


Kitchen Stories

Homemade hollandaise sauce – a pleasure not only with asparagus!

How can I actually make hollandaise sauce on my own? Kitchen Stories will show you in a descriptive video how to succeed easily by using whisks and stirring ladles without tiring out your arm. The App whets the appetite for delicious recipes, offers comprehensible and succinct summarized tips from professionals and invites you to exchange ideas and culinary pleasures with a worldwide community. You can find the proper set of tools, which not only includes whisks and stirring ladles, right here at Backmann24. Just take a look through our online shop. This way the perfect hollandaise sauce will certainly not stay a dream anymore.

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Mixing tools – traditional and innovative whisks

Whisks are quite commonplace kitchen tools that are often used to produce whipped cream or to beat eggs into a fluffy mass. Because they assist you to disperse lumps, whisks are predestined to prepare mayonnaise or custard as well as blend sauces and vinaigrettes.

Various inch lengths and types of whisks are suitable for different tasks. Traditionally whisks consist of wires which are shaped into loops. This special design allows to put air in whatever you are mixing. Besides these type, there are also newly ball whisks that feature a group of individual wires with a metal ball at the lower end. These flexible balls are capable to reach into the corner of all kinds of vessels and score with easy cleaning characteristics.

Stirring ladles and rubber spatulas – hygienic mixing tools

Compared to mixing tools made of plastic, wooden spoons have several disadvantages. So for example they may retain food flavor or odor within the material and can’t be cleaned properly. Moreover they run the risk to crack or to split when they get older. On the contrary, our easy-care fiberglass reinforced plastic stirring ladles and rubber spatulas are extremely robust. Because of the smooth surface nothing sticks to them.

Use the stirring ladles to mix dough and batter or other masses with a thick or semi liquid texture with ease. The material is even heat resistant for a short period of time and can be used when roasting meat, fish or other food. For this our rubber spatulas are also perfectly suited, because they don’t mark-up delicate surfaces in stainless steel or cast iron pan. Because of their rounded edges, you can even use them to scrape out the last amount in a bowl.

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