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Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen textiles for versatile applications

Kitchen linens are important cooking and cleaning essentials that belong in every kitchen. Indeed they span a broad range of different products. Use oven gloves or pot holders to reliably protect your hands when working with hot pots or plates. Pot holders can also act as coasters to protect surfaces from hot vessels.

Kitchen towels or dishcloths are perfectly suited to dry dishes, cutlery or glassware. For doing this the right material and the quality of the towels is crucial. So you won’t have much pleasure from fluffy textiles that shed fibers. Kitchen towels can also be used to clean counters or shelves. A kitchen apron will shelter your clothes from splashes and spills. Read more >>


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories - The App, that brings "unique cooking experiences back to your home kitchen"...

Eating is a real pleasure for you? Cooking means time to relax, to enjoy and to be creative? You are looking for "inspiring and user-friendly recipes and a platform to share them on"? 
Kitchen Stories is an app, that gives you the tools to easily create a delicious meal. Interesting videos will give you an inspiration and impression of what you could be able to do - step by step explanations will make it easy for you to follow.

Both young founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao have put their idea into praxis to make "your home kitchen your favorite place to be again. [...] The app offers hundreds of creations in simple, searchable categories. [All the] recipes have been developed by top chefs exclusively for Kitchen Stories and tested by numerous hobby chefs..."

Enjoy browsing the app, finding your favourite receipes and cooking it! And finally - enjoy your delicious meal! 

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Kitchen textiles for professional use

In your home kitchen linens are not only useful for every day cleanup and protection tasks, but also fulfill decorative purposes. Available in a wide variety of styles and décors they embellish your kitchen and add a bright hue of color to your home. A matching linen collection with appealing designs can enhance your home décor in a very charming way.

But that’s not the aim of our kitchen textiles. The equipment we offer is sized to handle big kitchen tasks in a professional environment. Safety and an optimum of handling is quite important in this field. That’s why our kitchen textiles are made of sturdy materials and are very durable in usage. Different types and sizes are specifically designed to meet the demands that appear when you are a professional cook, baker or caterer.

Kitchen textiles also provide safety

Working quick and precisely is quite important in a professional kitchen. Each move should be spot on, so that the meals and drinks reach your customers in perfect condition and on time. In order to ensure these things, you need utensils that are reliable and up to the daily requirements they are faced with. Our oven gloves and oven mitts, for example, are heat-resistant up to 450°F. Handling hot plates or pots is absolutely safe with these valuable kitchen gadgets. They enable a secure grip and allow you to carry out all tasks in a careful way.

Visit our shop and also have a look at other categories, such as useful products for food transportation as well as everything you need for the preparation stage and the presentation stage. You will be amazed by the wide variety and the high quality of our product range. If you would like some more information about our kitchen textiles or other products, please feel free to contact us.

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