Spatulas – essential in every kitchen

When working in a kitchen you have to carry out a great number of manual tasks. If you are a baker, you quite often have to smooth and spread mixtures or to cut dough. As a cook, you must lift and turn over meat, fish or vegetables in a frying pan. Sometimes it is also necessary to separate individual pieces of food from each other in a precise way.

For all these things you need spatulas that support you and make preparing the dishes easier and more comfortable. Moreover, a hygienic handling of food is very important if you want to prepare meals in a professional way. For quite a lot of activities that need to be done in a kitchen, spatulas are quite useful, because they help you deal with different kinds of food with ease. Read more >>

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Spatulas for different application purposes

As a professional supplier for kitchen utensils we offer a variety of different spatulas. Use our plain spatula to smoothen pastry, cream, icing, chocolate masses or other mixtures. Available in various sizes, you’ll find the model which best fits your task. A special cake ring spatula is the most suitable tool if you want to spread mixtures inside a cake ring.

Our pan flipper lets you turn things over in one go. It is specially designed to handle hot food in a frying pan without burning your fingers. You can also use it perfectly to lift up pizza in a hot oven and have a look at the condition of the pastry. The angular spatula in our assortment is a great all-rounder that can be used for diverse tasks.

High-quality spatulas for professional use

All our spatulas are made to meet the high demands you require. They are produced of sturdy and extremely durable steel. The blue non-slipping handles provide a secure grip and lie well in your hand to guide you accurately and help to ensure your meal or your cake will be a delicious success.

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