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Strainers – the versatile tools

Strainers are real multi talents in your kitchen. Whether you are cooking or baking they are quintessential utensils for a wide range of tasks. For passing the stock through a sieve to prepare delightful sauces or sieving flour when you are baking – strainers are the right tool in any case. For cakes and other delicacies, colanders can be used to sift sugar and other condiments. Everything will be spread more evenly. In our online shop you will find strainers and bowls that will make cooking and baking even better and easier for you. Read more

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Baking with strainers

When you are baking, a strainer breaks up lumps in the flour and aerates it. Using a fine mesh strainer, your flour will get much lighter than when it is unsifted. This makes it easier to combine with and mix into other ingredients. Especially when you are preparing a cake batter or making a dough, a strainer comes in handy. Even for bread baking, a strainer can be used. If your flour has been sitting around unused for a while, it feels tightly packed. Sifting it through a strainer makes it easier to get a correct measurement. Finally, as soon as you are ready to roll out or knead your dough, a strainer lets you add a thin layer of flour onto your work surface. This way you can easily work on your dough while keeping the added flour at a minimum.

Strainers and more

At you will find a number of strainers for your kitchen needs. They come in different sizes and styles. Regardless of whether they are made of stainless steel entirely or partly from plastic, they all are high quality strainers. You can get suitable bowls right here as well. Backmann24 offers kitchen tools and utensils for professionals and ambitious amateurs. Surf our online shop and find, for example, useful dough scrapers, pastry bags or pastry brushes. We provide you with everything you need to make your cooking and baking experiences even better!