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Bowls, Jugs, Moulds & Strainers

Bowls, Jugs, Moulds & Strainers

Bowls, Jugs, Moulds & Strainers

Kitchen tools like bowls, measuring cups and jugs are useful tools that are frequently needed for preparing hearty or sweet dishes and delicious baked goods. Whether you are stirring butter with a whisk or if you’d like to temporarily store some ingredients during the cooking or baking process – bowls in different sizes come into use for quite a lot of tasks. Made of sturdy plastic or stainless steel, our bowls feature an attractive appearance and are also perfectly suited for preparing salads and directly serve them onto the table. When it comes time to add liquids during processing your food, our jugs assist you in dispensing them carefully. Afterwards the leftover can be stored in the fridge until it is needed again. In order to create a cake made of fantastic soft dough, ingredients like sugar or flour should ideally be sieved before they are added to the batter. For doing this, we offer you a wide variety of different shaped strainers that help you breaking lumps and allow you to spread your condiments more evenly and fine so that it’s easier to process them further.


Kitchen Stories

Measuring cup and bowl – how the perfect beaten egg white succeeds

For beating the perfect egg white, you should control the handling of your whisk – or, like the Cooking App Kitchen Stories shows in this application video, make use of electronical help. You can separate the eggs best with the help of two measuring cups or smaller bowls, which you can buy in our online shop Backmann24. Kitchen Stories not only shows you how to beat the egg white foamy, the app also has many other creative and delicious recipe ideas as well as helpful kitchen tricks in store for their users. Furthermore, we offer you the proper kitchen utensils for baking and cooking. Just take a look at our shop!

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